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Ncenafi-academy.com: Online Web Design and Development Training

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Welcome to Ncenafi-academy.com. Here, you will get top-notch training on how to design, develop and host websites and online systems. This is the best platform for you if:

  1. You deeply want to learn web design and development from those who have done it and exceled.
  2. You have limited time and you only have less than 2 hours per day to spare for the training.
  3. You have always been looking for high-value online skills which you can use to increase your income.
  4. You plan to start or you already have an online business. This could be freelance writing, blogging or even selling stuff online.
  5. You have limited budget and can’t afford a fully-fledged offline web design training.
  6. You like flexibility.

Ncenafi Academy: What is it all about?

Ncenafi academy is about you. It’s created for those who would like to learn web design and development, have limited budget, and have limited time.


It is for those who want to develop high value online skills to complement their online businesses, start web design business, or add to their pool of high-tech freelancing skills.


If you fall under any of these categories, then you are part of Ncenafi Academy. Once you register, you will learn all that you need on web design and development, get practical skills on web development, and actually host a database-driven website.


Our charge is quite friendly. With just $300 (Ksh. 30,000) renewed on monthly basis, you will have an access to all this information, all-round support, and intuitive online learning system to help you comprehensively learn and develop web design skills.


Within the first one month, you will be able to host a static website. From there, you will be fast-tracked to learn back-end programming and host a database-driven website.

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So what are you going to learn?

There is much you are going to learn. Let me give you a simple glimpse.

The course is divided into 2 modules, each module designed to last one month. The 2 months duration were arrived at from an accurate estimate that a trainee who is engaged in other things such as job and business will have no more than 2 hours per day to spare. The weekends were excluded when making the course duration estimate.

If you are a fast learner, you are free over the weekends and you are eager to acquire these high-value skills, I bet that you can complete the course within less than a month’s time. But if you don’t, I will still be available to support you, answer your questions, and clarify things until the said two months are over.

Module 1:

In module 1 you will learn about Basic Web Design. Below are some of the key areas:

  1. Web Design and Development: What is it all about?
  2. Design concepts
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. JavaScript
  6. Responsive Web Design- How can Bootstrap be handy?
  7. How Do You Host Your First Website?

By the end of this module, you will be able to design and host professional static websites.

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Module 2

In this module, you will learn Advanced Web Design and development.  The backend language which will be used is PHP. (If it’s your first time to hear about this, you need not worry. You will be fully conversant with this by the time you are finishing this module.).


Below are the key areas:

  1. Frontend and Backend Programming
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. WordPress
  5. Hosting a database-driven website
  6. Web Design Marketing


A database-driven website is quite dynamic. Pages are served dynamically. This concept is what is used among developers to create intuitive and intelligent online systems. If you just want to learn this, then this is the right course for you.


You may ask why I have included the Web Design Marketing section.

The answer is simple.

After you learn web design, you will need to be able to market your services to prospective clients.

If you are learning this course to complement your already established online business, then the web design marketing section will help you hone your marketing skills.

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Why Choose Ncenafi-academy.com

  1. Comprehensive web design and development course
  2. Amazing support to answer all your queries
  3. Taught by a professional web developer
  4. Easy navigation.
  5. Personalized for you.

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What You Will Need

  1. A laptop/computer.
  2. An internet connection. Ensure that you have optimal internet. Mobile hotspoting can as well do.
  3. Willingness and commitment to learn.
  4. Readiness to try suggestions and tasks given
  5. A monthly subscription fee of $300 (Ksh.30,000). Quite cheap for premium web development course.

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What You Don't Need

  1. Prior IT skills – You don’t need high level IT skills whatsoever. However, you will be needed to have a grasp on how to perform the normal functions on a PC such as creating folders, opening files, etc.
  2. High IQ- Don’t be scared. Nothing is difficult to understand in this world. What’s of great importance is your willingness to learn and a trainer fully willing to transfer such knowledge to you. And both of these requirements are met by you and me!

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Who Should Not Register for this Course?

A Side Note: Ncenafi-academy is committed to honest and genuine training. We don't promise the impossible but we believe in possibilities. Our aim is to see you excel and acquire these high-value skills. But there is a part you will need to play.

In pursuit of this spirit, we felt that it's important to include this part.

Do not register for this course if:

  1. You are looking for a get-rich quick solution.
  2. You are not ready to put in the needed effort.